Arthur is a young photographer and artist living in New York. He combines portraiture, fashion, travel and lifestyle photography for a unique blend of emotion and dimension. We are an archipelago, and Arthur creates images highlighting our differences while simultaneously demonstrating our inherent sameness. 



2009    Mirage, Bethel High School Literary Arts Magazine

2011     The Fest 10,

2012     Shoot Film or Die; Vol. I, Vol. II

2012     Night Owls “Dearly” Album Artwork

2012     Tri-State Era “Demo” Album Artwork

2013     “Comadre” Last of Our Kind Zine

2013     Night Owls “Wounds Again” Album Artwork

2013     Tri-State Era “Blaze Home” Album Artwork

2013     Featured photographs on artist Vernon O’Meally’s professional website

2014     Night Owls “Black Diamond” Album Artwork

2015     “Metamorphosis” Prisma Art Club Annual Publication

    –Awarded Connecticut Art Directors Club Gold Medal

2016     “Identity” Prisma Art Club Annual Publication


It Works! Danbury, CT. 2010

Western Connecticut State University Annual Photography Show Danbury, CT. 2015

Western Connecticut State University Senior Thesis Exhibition Danbury, CT. 2015

Nottingham Trent University Book Show Nottingham, England. 2016